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Toro® STX-36 Stump Grinder

Toro® STX-36 Stump Grinder


Toro® STX-36 Stump Grinder is built for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions.

Fully hydraulic operation means no chance of expensive belts breaking or slipping and no tension adjustments.

The Intelli-Sweep™ feature automatically slows the sweep speed of the cutting head based on the load of the wheel, so heavy cutting loads won’t bog down the engine. And with easy-to-use TX-style controls and tracks for maneuverability and stability, the STX-36 is extremely operator-friendly. The STX-36's electronic fuel injection engine provides less maintenance, easier starting, and improved performance. Best of all, ground speeds of 4.5 mph allow you to spend more time grinding — and less time transporting the machine — for greater productivity.




  • 2 Hour
    $125.00 minimum
  • Day
  • Week